>Option II Summer Course Credit




Objective: "The purpose of Option Two is to provide educational experiences that are meaningful and relevant, and that provide students with opportunities to explore and achieve at high levels. Option Two allows local school districts to design and implement curricular programs that meet the needs of all students. The regulations support student participation in deep and meaningful learning experiences that advance student learning and focus on student interest and abilities. Option Two allows students to obtain credit for learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom environment. Some of these experiences may provide real-world connections not available in the school setting. Other learning experiences may go beyond what the traditional high school can provide, allowing students to participate in research, international study, or college-level work."

-New Jersey Department of Education

Our Goals: Quakerbridge Computer and Learning Service understands that many high schools require students to complete several prerequisites before they are allowed to apply for higher level classes. Our classes provide for credit courses that allow students to fulfill their math and science courses.


Honors Credit Courses

Math                               Science

Honors Geometry   Honors Biology
Honors Algebra I Honors Chemistry
Honors Algebra II Honors Physics
Honors Pre-Calculus

 Option II School Registration:

Option II Application West Windsor Plainsboro High School North and South:

Advancement of Courses Application Princeton High School: Math

Advancement of Courses Application Princeton High School: Science