As learning Mandarin becomes increasingly popular and advantageous, the Quakerbridge Learning Center intends to promote our generation's competency of this language. Starting September 16, 2013, there is an after school Chinese language 
immersion program for students. This program will run from 3:00-6:00pm after school. During this time, students will learn to adopt the Chinese and English bilingualism naturally. Our primary goal of this program is to provide a structured and nurturing environment for learning the Chinese language and culture. We hope that you will take this opportunity so that your child can better master a powerful and influential language today.

Why Learn Chinese? 

Learning Mandarin will help your child develop skills in:

- Culture – Exploring the rich cultural history of Asian countries and Chinese influence.

- Connection – sharing in habit, custom and tradition of global cultures.

- Community – introducing students to the Chinese-American society.

- Comparison – Highlighting the differences and similarities between the Chinese and American cultures and people.

- Communication – learning to use the spoken and written language of Chinese.


   1.    Intro (No prior experience)

2.       Elementary Mandarin (Less than 2 years of experience)

3.       Intermediate Mandarin (Less than 4 years of experience)

4.        Fluent Mandarin (Over 4 years of experience)